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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  April 22, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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volved. that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." captioned by the national captioning institute >> this is a good morning washington on your side. >> new details about a metro bus driver accused of negligent homicide. good morning. thank you for being with us here. >> good morning. we are going to have a check of the weather every 10 minutes. we want to start with our meteorologist. what kind of weather is it for an easter egg hunt? that's the out door once will be ok on sunday morning. the ground may be a little damp. we have a flood watch in at that. it does include frederick county md. and north and west of there.
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46 degrees in the district. manassas is 47. 41 degrees and hagerstown. it is becoming cali early this morning. scattered showers throughout the afternoon. high temperatures today back down in the low and mid-60's. a few isolated passing showers throughout the day tomorrow. otherwise, partly cloudy. >> you are talking about early pictures. that are cleaning of construction. we will take you to a side of the beltway. this is right at 495. it is a pretty good run down. look at this picture. see the headlights that not much
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happening. we will have more from the traffic cameras and news chopper seven and a little while. >> thank you. our top story and metro bus driver indicted on charges related to a deadly crash. >> we have uncovered new information about the past before he was hired by natural. >> police arrested ronald's. he worked at the metro stop or he was the station manager. hours later he appeared in court indicted on a negligent homicide card. he was employed as a metro bus driver. he ran a red light in an empty bus, slammed into a taxicab killing a california businessman. in june of 2010, he was reinstated after an arbitrator
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ruled that the transportation agency did not follow proper procedure while letting him go. >> he was surprised to hear he got his job back. he was more shocked to hear about the past. taylor was arrested a number of times in the late a.d. post though on drug charges. we asked officials how he was hired in 2008 as a bus driver with a record. they could not say without looking into their records. >> i do not know how this happened. this is just beyond me. >> metro needed to do a little bit more work on their background check. >> it is a tragic end to a north carolina teenager who disappeared in baltimore. police pulled two bodies from
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the river. yesterday identified the body as that of felicia barnes. both bodies were enclosed. >> the goal is to bring closure to her family and figure out what happened. police on the signs of injury. barnes was an honor student. she is visiting relatives when she vanished. >> and man is in custody after leading police on a chase. it ended on route 29. it began when he was pulled over on interstate 66. he ticked off. at one point he drove the wrong way. they moved onto route 29.
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no other vehicles were hit. no one was hurt. >> today is earth day. they are raising fireman told awareness. the organizing events. birthday has been celebrated every april 22 since 1970. president obama returns to washington today after a three day trip to the west coast. they had another town hall meeting to discuss the plan to reduce the national debt. >> there appears to no end in sight for rising prices. >> the national average is 384 a gallon. president obama says the justice department in setting up a task force to find out what is driving and gas prices.
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many drivers say the rising prices are taking a toll. >> it used to be that i will try to keep up. now i struggled just to do that. he made sure you have enough money at all times. it is not a minor household bill. >> gas could hit $5 a gallon by memorial day. that has many americans rethinking all of their summer vacation plans. >> the markets are closed today in commemoration of good friday. the dow begins the next trading session monday. it is 4:36. the we have 47 degrees. >> a professor in the middle of a classroom. we will tell you why. >> a therapeutic riding class allowing warriors to heal.
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>> good friday morning. it is four-o'clock 39. let's take a look at the flood watch in a flat.
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in the in effect. of the past couple of days, we could see another inch of rain. there could be some minor river creek and flooding. here is the situation. today is mostly cloudy. areas of rain will be developing. i to amateurs are in the low in mid-50's. a little breezy. nothing too widespread. this'll be pretty few and far between. it is right near 80 degrees. a low-80's by monday and tuesday. >> pretty comfortable on the highway. overnight congestion is being held off.
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they have been working on the inner loop for a while. how about that project? this has been a long-term issue. the quiet volume will get us across. no issues to report right now. south bound traffic looks like this. >> >> thank you. 47 degrees outside appeared the time is 4:41. >> an open seat in the senate. >> i cannot really believe it. i was like, this is really weird. >> what a professor left the classroom and hand
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quacks' checking our top stories, a metro bus driver was indicted in connection with a 2008 crash that killed a businessman. ronald taylor was arrested yesterday fired after the crash and reinstated last year. he was arrested on drug and gun charges before metro hired him. president obama says the justice department is setting up a task force to find out what is driving up gas prices. the team will root out any fraud or manipulation in the oil markets.
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arizona senator john mccain is in libya. he arrived in the opposition capital to meet with rebels trying to overthrow muammar gadaffi. he said they are the heroes. once the u.s. to give them weapons. >> the university of maryland and students have an unusual morning. police arrested their english teacher before their very eyes. students never saw it coming. >> when a group of freshmen got out of class 10:00 a.m., they could not believe their eyes. >> resulted cops waiting outside the classroom. we wanted to know what was going on. >> we saw them in hand cops -- handcuffs. what is going on? >> campus police escorted him away in handcuffs. >> i cannot believe it. it was really weird. >> it is unexpected.
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>> of baltimore police have an open warrant out for him. last month they charged him with second-degree assault. >> i was pretty shocked about it. especially considering the early arrest of an english teacher from -- for murder. it is a worrying trend that we have had. >> at worst, a student called him a little opinionated but he seemed quite popular. if he does have a dark side, and they never saw it. >> she was a really nice teacher. and he gave a lot of great insight into english and writing. >> he did not return our e- mails. they said they cannot add any additional information. >> a big price hike for a virginia tech student the starting this fall. they will pay nearly 10% more in
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tuition and fees. at the state under a grant will pay more than 24,000. room and board also go up a ninth term. >> controversy is growing over the site chosen for the building of a new middle school. it was announced that the park was recommended as the location. that is upsetting some who says the area is important for community recreation. >> the green space is a focal point. it provided opportunities for people to come together as they walk play, and exercise. >> all the sites had this situation. we will take a final vote on april 28. >> they will get a letter to president obama even if she has to have a pigeon deliver it.
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she tried to can deliver one to the white house expressing support. it as mr. obama to display in taxation without representation. on the hill, and he says he will resign. this comes as they investigate allegations surrounding an extramarital affair with a former campaign staffer. he said he is not violated any laws or rules that he does not want to subject his family and friends to any more investigations. >> there is more opposition to thousands of defense department workers. the traffic study is flawed.
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>> this situation cannot be rectified before the september 15 deadline where people are supposed to be moved to this building. >> most workers have been moved from crystal city. workers are filling a five million-dollar lawsuits have been financing company. employees say they lost it is aimed at recouping lost money. there is plenty of time to get it open. >> the driver has a major d.c. sleep. officials say drivers should at 30 minutes to victory -- to
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their trip. outside we have just 47 degrees. >> helping wounded warriors. the forces behind the scene jobs. another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes as the head on into the holiday weekend.
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>> friday morning. it is a chilly start to the day. talk about to butchers and rain chances. right now we are in the 40's. we do have a few exceptions. in some isolated areas. the waldorf is 45 degrees. it will become easterly route the day. is helping increase the cloud cover. high pressure moves out. there is the easterly flow. notice the rain showers that will develop later on this afternoon. we are expecting a few brief passing showers. it is the forecast for today.
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54 degrees is the high. >> i'm tickled pink. >> it is beautiful. >> net every funeral or at the final resting point. forces have another important job.
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the war did wall years about to go out and the feet. >> the body is getting moved. it is a huge benefit for those individuals. it is created five years ago at fort myers. >> think about this. since then, 100 patients have participated. each member was very different physically and mentally. >> and afghanistan a rocket- propelled grenade with their appeared >> i've put is always burning. >> and visually awesome. i will continue to do this. >> they are struggling with posttraumatic stress disorder. >> there is an emotional bond
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and a physical bonds. >> there is better flexibility and skills. mentally and socially they said the benefits even greater. >> the horse was there to help me through that. >> the horses in soldier pay tribute to their fallen comments at arlington national cemetery. it is a special unit with a special duty, helping families mourn and troops to build -- to heal. >> and they use the resources for children, too. it is incredible. >> i have no idea what they do outside of the horse-drawn carriage. >> it is great. >> 46 is your time. we have 47 degrees. a lot more still ahead.
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a possible robbery gone wrong.
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breaking news. investigators search for a gun and after a shooting victim runs to a gas station for help. >> plus, gas prices are soaring. now the president is calling for an investigation. >> will the weekend be a washout?